How Can Adobe Stock Improve the Process of Using Stock Images?

adobe stockAdobe Stock is a new Adobe photo service that allows you to purchase over 40 million royalty-free images, illustrations and graphics from inside the new Creative Cloud 2015 desktop applications. It is seamlessly integrated with Photoshop and other desktop software applications, making working with stock photos easier than it has ever been.

For instance, you are working with a project on Photoshop and you need an image. You can launch it directly from your Creative Cloud application to begin your search. Enter a keyword or search term and the images will instantly be laid out in front of your eyes. All you have to do is find an image you might like. If you want to cast it to your Photoshop layout before actually purchasing the image, you can now do so with Stock photos. Just save the photo directly to your library.


Now, if you go back to your Photoshop, you will see the image immediately available in your library. Then, you can jump right back to your design and apply filters or any other effects that will make your photo better. Once you find a style you are contented with, you can license your image without leaving Photoshop. You can either purchase a single image or license your chosen image as part of your Adobe Stock monthly subscription.

Once you license the image, the preview version you are working on will be automatically replaced by a full-resolution version. Using Adobe’s new technology, CreativeSync, all the effects that you applied will be carried over as well. Of course, Adobe Stock can be purchased on its own. The images are also available in the standalone website for non-Creative Cloud members. However, you get the best value at 40% discount when you have Creative Cloud.


At the present, Adobe Stock is just a marketplace for images, illustrations and graphics. It is not a marketplace for footage yet. Thus, it is not as valuable to film makers as it is for photographers and other digital visual artists. Of course, this does not exclude videos assets in the future. In fact, if the stock photo service adds video, it will not find be difficult to license stock footage.

The release of the Creative Cloud 2015 applications and the introduction of Adobe Stock are amazing news from the company. Integrated directly with Adobe’s programs, the latter allows you to search for stock images, download watermarked versions, and license them directly from the Adobe application. Adobe Stock gives you the stock photos you need from your initial idea to you final design. Are you excited to try Adobe Stock now? Imagine what you can do with this amazing standalone stock photo hub and, more appealingly, integrated platform.

5 Things You Need to Know about Cheap Stock Images

Do you think you know everything about cheap stock images? If you are in the stock photography industry, it pays to know a lot of things about stock images. It will help you determine where your downloaded images came from and whether they are authorized or not. Here are some of the things you need to know, whether you are a contributor or buyer, about stock photography.

cheap stock images

1. Images that come out of your camera are not all good enough to be sold. Ever since the advent of photography, photographers modify their images by playing with their contrasts, curves and levels. In the old days, this means hours in the darkroom. At the present, all it takes is Photoshop. It is important that you take time to fix the blemishes and remove stray twigs to make the images look better. If the images look professional, they will be perceived as professional and their prices reasonable.

2. Real people love signing releases. They really do. It makes them feel beautiful. It makes them feel desired and loved. Most of all, it makes them feel like models. So, never feel embarrassed when you have to ask for a release. Although they may not always consent to sign, the worst they can say to you is no. Hence, do not hesitate to ask them as it opens up new avenues for licensing your cheap stock images.

3. Not all stock distributor contracts are the same. Read all contracts carefully as it will save you from legal issues in the future. You should also understand the terms stated in the contract as well as consider if it is in your best interest before agreeing to the proposed. Keep in mind that some contracts are more equitable than others. Many are negotiable, but you should ask questions to clarify things. Do not sign on anything you cannot understand.

Happy hipster girl making photo with retro camera on city street

4. Proficiency in editing is imperative. Photo-editing is as much as an art as photography itself. You need to be proficient in editing images in order to create some of the best. Did you know that National Geographic photographers shoot as many as 10,000 images? However, they only choose the best 30 images to be published. If you are submitting bulk images, you may need to professionally edit them to select the best images.

5. The thumbnail is the first thing a client sees. How many restaurants or stores in your local have crappy signs? Have you also wondered if they realize that a good-looking sign can make a difference with their sales? The same applies with cheap stock images. The first thing you notice is the thumbnail. So, when you are creating the image, make sure that the thumbnail pops. If it does not pop, it will not get any click.